Walking along the winding, brick streets of Beacon Hill, it is easy to feel like you have transported back to the days just before our country was founded. Make no mistake, though – This bustling neighborhood is teeming not just with history, but with fun. We are thrilled you used the superior tools and information available through Beacon Hill Pads to get settled into this beautiful neighborhood. Now, check out these three places to visit in Beacon Hill, and start exploring your new home.

Eat and play at the Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel, formerly the Charles Street Jail, features some of the best bars and restaurants in the city. Its architecture and history are both fascinating and iconic. It has amazing views of the Charles River. And, perhaps most importantly, it is home to some truly wonderful bars and restaurants. Scampo in particular is well known throughout the region for its delicious Italian fare. And the five bars and lounges at the Liberty Hotel make it an appealing night spot.

Take a tour of the State House

Overlooking Boston Common and the rest of Beacon Hill, the Boston State House is a sight to behold. Its golden dome and white arches hint at the architecturally and politically fascinating chambers within. Take a gander at the historical artifacts and political processes in the State House by taking a tour! They are offered year-round from 10:00am to 3:30pm completely free of charge. Just make a reservation and set aside 45 minutes of your day.

Check out the Boston Athenaeum

Did you know that Beacon Hill is home to one of the oldest independent libraries in the United States? The Boston Athenaeum has graced Beacon Street with its beautiful federal style architecture since 1807, and houses half a million volumes, many of which are rare and local. The athenaeum offers tours every week. Plus, there are often fascinating lectures by visiting scholars or other presentations at the library. Check out its online calendar for more details.